Plan it Day 90-Day Goal Setting Planner

Plan it Day 90-Day Goal Setting Planner

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Use these goal-setting worksheets to have your best year yet.

FINALLY, reach your goals this year and make progress toward your creative dreams. Use the unique gifts God has given you and focus on what really matters.

The Plan it Day worksheets are all about helping you reach your goals. This  here to help you take action and make a plan that will be best for YOU!


  • 28-page PDF. You can print it as many times as you want for your own personal use. It comes in a printable form and as an interactive PDF that you can type in on your computer.
  • Video overview to help you go through the worksheets to set your 90-day breakthrough goal.


Inside the Plan it Day worksheets and overview video, you will learn my 12 P's of Planning:

  • Prepare - The first step is to get all your resources, tools, and dates prepared for our session together. I share suggested tools/resources to consider.

  • Pray (Reflect) - I believe in the power of prayer and spending time committing your plans to God and asking for his wisdom as you proceed.
  • Party - It's time to CELEBRATE all you've accomplished over the last year. Download my Gratitude Worksheet as I lead you through this step.

  • Position - Until you know your WHY and your core values, it will be difficult to establish goals. Therefore, during this step, I coach you through the process of finding your WHY and identifying your top 5 values. You'll also go through an exercise to help you identify your blind spots and start drafting your goals.
  • Plot - It's time to do a brain dump (or brainstorm) and get everything out of your head and on to paper.
  • Purge - We'll look at your list and eliminate the things that are not bringing you results or don't line up with your main goals.
  • Prioritize - Now, it's time to prioritize your goals. You'll write out your top 10 goals using my Goals Worksheet.
  • Pick One - In order to move forward toward your goals, you need to identify your BREAKTHROUGH goal for the next 90 days. This goal will help you accomplish most of the other goals on your top 10 list.
  • Plan - Now it's time to break it down into steps and add a deadline for the next 90 days. Woot!
  • Progress - The only way you will reach your goal is by taking small consistent actions over time. You've got this.
  • Partner Up - Accountability is key. I share four types of accountability you can utilize during the next 90 days.
  • Perseverance - Never, never, never give up!

Purchase the Plan it Day worksheets to set your next 90-day breakthrough goal. The world is waiting for what you have to offer. Don't let another year pass by, make this your best year yet.

    Take a Look Inside This Planner Set


    Watch the video above to scroll through this entire set.


     “Plan It Day with Shelley gave me focus and direction for my next year's personal and business planning. We walked through every step needed for planning a successful year. Shelley's encouragement, wealth of ideas and resources and even some fun thrown in provided concrete guidance for goals and insight on getting them accomplished.

    Her training helped me discern what goals to postpone until a later date so I can concentrate on the most important ones. You won't go wrong by taking this training!”

    - Jean Wise

    “I had gotten stuck and didn't think I could move forward. Plan It Day was really inspiring and got me going again!

    Most people make New Year’s Resolutions, but they don’t last long. However, Plan It Day is different. It helps you think through your values and goals and then make a plan to follow through on your goals.

    You will be charged with new energy when you finish these worksheets!”

    - Gwen Ebner

    "Thanks so much for your leading, help, and insight into the process of 90 day planning in Plan It Day. I probably would have skipped it as a 'been there, done that' kind of thing unless you'd recommended I do it, since I mentioned to you that I was stuck. I mistakenly thought Plan It Day was on the order of a basic, general plan of the kind that you run into here and there. No such thing.

    Plan It Day stirred me from the bottom up - in a very good way. Now I have greater courage and a detailed blueprint for the next 90 days! As well as insight into my motivations deeper than I think I could ever have gotten on my own.

    I can't thank you enough. Thank you, Shelley Hitz."

    - Azalea Dabill

    I had a REAL AH-HA moment: This is my encore and I'm ready to launch! It is time to truly let my light SHINE! This Plan It Day has been SO valuable, helpful and inspiring! Thank you, Shelley, for creating and providing this extraordinary Plan-it Day! HIGH-FIVES all around!!!

    - Jennifer Bunderle

    “I have thoroughly enjoyed Plan It Day. Digging into my values, strengths and passions led me to my 'Sweet Spot.' It was thoroughly worth the time to plan for the next year and specifically step by step actions for the next 90 days. Very valuable!

    - Susan Neal

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