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Canva Template #9 Book Review Graphics

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DOWNLOAD 5 different Canva templates to create graphics with your book reviews so you can share them on social media, emails, and more!

Posting positive reviews gives you instant credibility, builds buzz, and catches the attention of your potential readers.

More benefits of sharing your book reviews include:

  • Helps your potential readers decide if they want to buy your book.
  • Increases awareness so that your audience knows your book exists or is reminded about it. 
  • Gives you an easy way to promote your book without "tooting your own horn." Let someone else do it! 

So let your readers spread the word and market your book for you!


  • PDF with a link to make a copy of the templates in your Canva account. This will work with a FREE Canva account.

  • 5 different book review designs. ALL are customizable to match your personality and voice.

  • Commercial rights to use for the final product you create with the templates.

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